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Ken Moon

Assistant Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions

@The Wharton School

University of Pennsylvania

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I am an Assistant Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions and Claude Marion Endowed Faculty Scholar at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.  I study business analytics for marketplaces and workforces using structural estimation, machine learning, and econometrics.  I received an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and Economics from Stanford University, a JD from the Harvard Law School, and a PhD from the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

Research Interests

I apply modeling, causal analysis, and algorithms to study the operations of workforces and of marketplaces.

I have collaborated with or advised partners including Apple, Penn Medicine, and Upwork.

My research interests center on the productivity of workers and platforms and the role of technology and data in complex operations.  I focus on the study of information and incentives in marketplaces and lead several efforts to incorporate new methods of data collection and analysis to enhance the productivity of workforces (e.g., using sensors to accelerate learning and prevent harmful burnout and stress for ICU nurses and fighter jet pilots).

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