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About Me

I use data analytics to enhance the performance of complex systems in business, especially workforces and marketplaces.  I use mathematical modeling, empirical analysis, and algorithms.


My recent interests include designing empirical studies and algorithms that use live, biometric wearable sensors to predict and prevent burnout and fatigue for workforces performing critical services, such as intensive care nurses and fighter jet pilots.  I previously developed and applied analytics and algorithms that shield the productivity of some of the world's largest factory workforces against the disruptive effects of their worker turnover.

I am also especially interested in marketplaces and marketplace technologies that reshape how we work, find and deliver services, and consume.

I have worked with or advised partners including Apple, Penn Medicine,, eBay, Facebook (Meta), and Upwork.



PhD 2017

Stanford Graduate School of Business

JD 2008

Harvard Law School

I then practiced law in Washington, DC and New York City.

BAS, with honors and distinction, 2005

Stanford University

Dual-major in mathematics and in economics

Awards and Grants

  • Finalist, 2023 INFORMS TIMES Best Working Paper

  • Finalist, 2023 INFORMS Behavioral Operations Management Best Working Paper

  • Finalist, 2022 WISE Best Paper

  • Finalist, 2022 INFORMS Service Science Cluster Best Paper

  • 1st place, 2020 POMS Operational Excellence College Best Paper

  • People's Choice Award, 2020 Early-career Sustainable OM Workshop 

As an advisor or supervising coauthor:

  • 1st place, 2021 MSOM Best Student Paper

  • 1st place, 2020 POMS Product Innovation and Technology Best Student Paper

  • Finalist, 2019 MSOM Best Student Paper

  • Finalist, 2019 RMP Best Student Paper

  • Finalist, 2019 IBM Service Science Best Student Paper

  • Finalist, 2018 POMS Supply Chain Management Best Student Paper

  • 1st place, 2017 IBM Service Science Best Student Paper 

  • Wharton Dean's Research Funds $60,542

  • Analytics at Wharton $34,750

  • Additional non-department grants $23,800

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